Steps to make applications

Producers use Linkedface++ to make third party applications through following steps:

A login page will be opened. You must register an account by sign-in one of your social networks:



  • Get authentication information: app_id and app_secret



  • Develop and test application using Linkedface++ APIs

Refer to APIs document session for more information.

In this step, you can invite some users to join you application for testing purpose.

Searching API only searches user profiles that have already joined your application.

  • Go live

Start your application in Linkedface++:


  • Invite more users from Linkedface to join you application

Go to User Management menu, to manage you application users.


You can add more user by search and invite users from Linkedface++ community:


Application operations


Through web console interface of Linkedface++ at, application owner can do following tasks:

  • Create / delete application
  • Start / stop application


  • Manage application user

Invite user to join application

Accept user request of joining application

Reject user joining application


  • Update application information: name, description, logo, threshold


  • Click in application logo to change one that you want



This is double value has range from 0 – 1. This is minimum similarity between searching face and face in result. That means when application search for faces, Linkedface++ returns only faces that the similarity to sample face greater than threshold.


  • If there’s any change related to application: users, user data, threshold, it’ll be updated in search not longer than 15 minutes.

  • If you want to update changed data to your application immediately, you can stop and then start application again to make this value affect to search result.

Steps for searching

Prepare image that contains face for searching

In this step, depend on source of your image, your application get it and save image into following image file format:

  • jpg
  • png

Upload image into Linkedface++. In result you gain image information, include image id:

  "agent": null,
  "browser": null,
  "content": null,
  "created": "Sat, 27 May 2017 23:43:32 GMT",
  "faces": "[{\"position\": \"[493, 256, 760, 523]\", \"id\": \"8a03d6dd6d21e8a5d15b9671e45f5581\"}]",
  "fileName": "2017-05-27/",
  "fullpath": "",
  "id": "14deae4ad58ea3a9a729cc133d1e6edc",
  "ip": "",
  "status": 1,
  "user_id": "5c942674c92dae2f4f70994e0d5d5f58"

Use image id in above step, search user that have similar face in image.